Table of Contents

1-1 The Philosophy of Science
Sandra Monteiro & Renate Kahlke

1-2 The Nature of Evidence: Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
Renate Kahlke, Jonathan Sherbino & Sandra Monteiro

1-3 Common Methods of Education Research
Renate Kahlke & Sandra Monteiro

2-1 Searching and Reviewing the Literature
Catherine Tong & Teresa Chan

2-2 Defining Research Objectives and Formulating Research Questions
Matthew Sibbald & Sarah Blisset

2-3 Setting and Defending your Methodological Choices
Teresa Chan

3-1 Getting Started on Writing
Teresa Chan & Sandra Monteiro

3-2 Writing a Methods Section
Meredith Vanstone & Lawrence Grierson

3-3 The Anatomy of a Discussion
Sarah Blisset & Matthew Sibbald

3-4 Explaining your potential impact
Sarrah Lal & Teresa Chan

4-1 Considerations for Research Ethics in HPE
Teresa Chan

4-2 Working Collaboratively: Building a Research Team
Yusuf Yilmaz & Sandra Monteiro

4-3 Road to Publication
Siraj Mithoowani & Teresa Chan

4-4 Research Project Logistics: Project Management and Study Schedules
Mark Lee

4-5 Planning Knowledge Translation and Dissemination Activities
Teresa Chan & Siraj Mithoowani

4-6 Design Fiction Scenarios for Health Professions Education Research
Arianna Mazzeo & Teresa Chan


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